The Accommodation Owners Platform


Accommodation Trade is an International Accommodation Owners Trading Platform to stay
Free of Charge at top Participating Establishments almost anywhere in the World.

Make your Establishments empty beds work for you and enjoy FREE Accommodation Worldwide, when & where-ever you travel local and abroad.
Accommodation Trade is only for Accommodation Owners with Establishments such as Bed & Breakfasts, Lodges, Boutique Hotel, Hotels, Motels, Resorts etc.
Accommodation trade is an exclusive, international club, that provides its members with a fully integrated internet-based trading platform, to trade accommodation with other establishments. This is not a direct member with member exchange system. Members’ establishments generates a vast pool of available accommodation all over the world for their exclusive use. All members, depending on their type of membership, obtain a certain amount of credits on sign-up. Credits is the value system that Accommodation Trade make use of to trade with.
1. Make use of our 1-Year Free Trail-Membership option or
2. Join Accommodation Trade’s Full-Annual Membership for only $99
3. Register your personal and establishment/s profile.
4. Members are awarded credits, according to the type of membership they selected.
5. The amount of credits allocated for 1 nights’ accommodation is equal to an establishments star grading. E.g. 2 credits for a 2-Star graded establishment, 3 credits for a 3-Star, 4 Credits for a 4-Star and so on. This applies whether you host, or whether you stay over.
Full-Annual Membership is only $99 while members receive 48 credits to the value of +-$1200 upon registration